Woame Eislutscher - warm Popsicles

Every year before christmas, we bake some surprises for our clients.

Woame Eislutscher – Popsicle gingerbread
Every year before Christmas we start our oven to bake some presents for our clients.
In Austria there is a saying, if someone wants something impossible we say: „ Du dramst vo Woame Eislutscher“. Which means something like, you are dreaming of warm Popsicles. As our logo is a Popsicle and we consider our selfs being the ones making the impossible happen we came up with the idea to make warm Popsicles. After a lot of research on hot ice-cream we finally found the solution: Popsicle gingerbread.
How we do it:
We bought some cookie cutters big enough to reform them in the shape of our logos Popsicle. The sticks are Popsicle sticks bought in a crafts store. We cut the sticks in half, grind the cut surface and stamp them with a carved branding iron. We cut two cookies for each of the Popsicles and put the sticks between before baking. After the cookies are baked we let them cool down and dip them in melted chocolate.
Everything is 100% handmade. We even craved the stamps for the labes ourself.
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